America’s Winter Weather set to cause a storm in the Shipping Industry

U.S Weather set to cause a storm in the Shipping Industry

America’s winter weather has been the subject of a lot of news in recent weeks, and is yet to quite live up to the tails of house strickening storms.

However, with a substantial snowfall already affecting New York and surrounding areas a severe weather warning has been issued with a large amount of snow and ice expected over the next 48 hours.

Blizzards have forced over 1750 passenger flights to cancel, specifically flights in and out of Boston and New York with further airport and sea port closures expected in the coming days. Those with goods leaving or arriving into the East Coast of America by Sea or Airfreight should be warned that delays will be expected, and those planning holidays to New York may find themselves napping in the departure lounge unfortunately.

The snow and Ice is expected to be followed by chilling temperatures swooping well below freezing, but it is speculated that the high winds provided by winter storm ‘Neptune’ will mean that the temperature feels even colder than the current -10c in the States capital, Washington DC.

These closures further add to the worries being faced in the US, where 29 ports, docks and harbours are at a deadlock as long shore workers fight it out with the White House for fairer contracts.

The ports in jeopardy due to the industrial action range from the huge LA complex which handles 15m TEU per year, all the way down to Port Angeles, a port just for local ferry services. Some of the ports in between which are feeling the strain from this battle between staff and the US Labour leaders include specialised ports such as Port Hueneme, concentrating on vehicles and refrigerated produce.

Its clear to see that the US Martitime industry is under serious strain, and with over 14,000 dock workers taking part in the action… the snow and ice surely wont help America get their import & export operations back on track.


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