Brits Finding New Ways of Making Money from Home

Del Boy Britain Making Money in New Ways

A fabulous thing has been happening in Britain over the last few years.  The struggling economy along with the ease of accessing the online marketplace has driven thousands of families across Britain to follow ‘Del Boy’ Trotter’s example to keep the worst of the recession at bay.

More people importing from the Far East and India

At Shippo, we’ve noticed that an increasing number of individuals are now importing lifestyle goods from the Far East and India in an effort to make extra cash.  The nation has realised that you no longer need a shop and a snazzy advertising campaign to start a small business.  All you need is a bit of space in a back bedroom or garage, a small amount of money for products and a dash of entrepreneurial spirit.

It seems that the recession has bread an innovative attitude to supplementing the household income and internet sites such as eBay and Amazon have helped to feed the nation’s appetite for business.  While small traders used to be almost entirely individuals, we’ve noticed a distinct rise in couples and families getting involved.  Many have told us that they’re simply looking for relatively inexpensive ways of making some more money either because they’ve lost jobs or suffered a drop in household income.

These people aren’t bringing in full container loads because it’s a big financial commitment and the reality is that they don’t need to.   However, they’re showing real initiative in using low-cost, easy ways to import smaller shipments into the UK.

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Brits can import goods from as little as £250

While businesses have the option of moving entire container loads from Asia to their door in the UK at around £2,000 a time (plus duties and taxes),  Britons are now able to buy spare capacity in containers travelling from China, Taiwan and India for as little as £250.  A growing number of people recognise the opportunities and flexibility offered by running their own small companies.

This is essentially a way of making extra cash and we know that first time importers don’t want the hassle or expense of dealing with Customs or EU trading registrations if they can get us to do that for them.  It’s arguably good news both for entrepreneurs and the shipping industry in that both are seeing the advantages of using the other to boost business.

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