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Importing from Taiwan has never been easier. Our agents in Taiwan will contact your supplier to book your goods onto a vessel and manage the whole process from collecting and clearing your goods through Taiwanese customs.

You only really need to know/do 4 things before going ahead with your shipment, once you’ve done these then importing your goods from Taiwan should be as easy as pie.

The small, Chinese governed Island of Taiwan is one of many manufacturing hubs in the Far East that UK businesses source products from. Taiwan is well known for their production of electrical goods and motor vehicles and continue to be a popular choice for UK importers.

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As a small Island of just 36,000km there are a small selection of outbound options, all of which Shippo can offer:


If you’re planning on importing goods to the UK from Taiwan via sea freight, your outbound port will almost certainly be Keelung. The port, also known as Keelung harbour is a stop off point for most vessels destined for Xiamen, China.


If you need your goods from Taiwan quickly, and are planning an air freight shipment your goods will likely be leaving from Taipei Songshan Airport. The airport is in the capital city of Taiwan and serves a large majority of Taiwan’s commercial air shipments.


Taichung is another airfreight option for UK importers shipping cargo from Taiwan via air freight. Taichung is also used for military purposes, so you know your goods will always be safe coming out of here.



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    As a first time importer from China to the UK I was extremely impressed by the service and all the help I received. Friendly and professional they were always available to answer even the most basic question. The whole process went very smoothly, I would definitely use them again.



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We know that Shipping from China to UK or India or anywhere else can seem daunting.

Using our sea freight import service couldn’t be easier. Just a few details from you and we’ll give you a quick and simple quote. Shippo make importing easy for small businesses in the UK who can’t always fill a shipping container. We fill in all the relevant paperwork for you, contact your supplier to make arrangements and clear your shipment through UK customs.

We charge for everything with one simple all-inclusive invoice too. With Shippo you can breathe easy in the knowledge that you won’t be hit by any hidden charges.


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