Classifying your goods in ‘The New Era’

In terms of moving with the times, the shipping and logistics industry are about as far behind as it gets… however when classifying goods to declare to customs, the industry is now being forced into the 21st Century.

We know all too well, that freight forwarders love a hard copy. We prefer to do things the easy way, making your imports as straight forward as possible. We will assist with classifying your goods, but just in case the others won’t here is how it will be done as of the 1stSeptember 2015.

  • There will be no more tariff classification help line – You will no longer be able to call as previously advised!

It is said that the email service will respond to all enquiries within a single working day, but if you’ve not sent them exactly what they need to know in order to classify the cargo…. The only response you will be getting is a list of questions! When requesting a tariff code, be sure to provide the below details:

  • What the product is
  • What it is made of
  • What it will be used for
  • How the product works and functions
  • How it is presented and packaged
  • Your preferred email address
  • Your Telephone number

The above are the essentials, without these details you could be waiting a while for the code you need, and sometimes we know it can be a race against time. If you want to be really certain, you could always attach a picture of the product to your email. We think that will help a great deal.

We are putting together a plan that allows our website users to submit tariff code request via our site, using our guidance and expertise, so you shouldn’t have to worry about classifying your goods for too long!

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