Container Contortionists

If you want to move something around the world cheaply and efficiently there’s a go-to item?  Using sea freight to import or export goods is now practically synonymous with shipping containers.  If it’s too big or awkward for a container then it may have to be loaded to the boat on a truck or directly onto the vessel at great expense…… until now!

Rather than transporting their tugs in or near one, a group of Dutch Naval Architects and shipbuilders have developed the ContainerTug 600S, a tug boat that can be transported ‘as’ a 20ft container.  This will save the tug owners a lot of transport costs in moving them around the world to the ports that they are needed.

Tugs need to be moved around a fair amount so this makes sense. However, squeezing a tug boat into a container shape isn’t going to be causing a lot of business men and women around the world sit up and take note.  But should it?

Could this be the start of a number of items that could be adapted in this way?  Forgot the need for importing and exporting goods by sea for a second and containers remain a huge part of moving products around the UK.  Yes, they are likely to be products imported by sea from China, India etc. but what if they weren’t?

What else?

Could have stumbled across the cheapest and most efficient way of moving goods around by road if they can be used in the same way as they are transported?

Imagine, for example, a festival or a sports event that needs tens or even hundreds of portaloos and instead of having them loaded and unloaded individually they could be attached together within a container frame and moved as one.  When the event was finished they could be loaded back onto a truck in minutes and stored in stacks.

Container contortionism, could they have stumbled across something interesting?

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