Eyes on the road, Or eyes on the screen?

As most drivers will know, over taking a large lorry can be a real task, along with the fact that it is extremely dangerous. Drivers on narrow roads have always dreaded becoming stuck behind freight Lorries and haulier’s huge arctic trucks, due to their speed limits and difficulty to pass by.

Tech giants Samsung have un-veiled what they are calling ‘a life-saving solution’, and a product that probably should have been invented years ago. The invention – A ‘see through lorry’ which has wireless camera’s at the front and around its outside which are streamed onto screens at its rear… allows cars behind it to see what is happening in front.

(Source: Samsung)

This will make driving on narrow roads a huge amount safer, and will stop chancers from attempting the overtake and causing crashes and subsequently injuries. Samsung claim that this technology will substantially cut down deaths on the road if it is taken to by the masses.

Currently, the lorry is being tested in Argentina, where one person dies on the roads every hour! There are no plans at this stage to implement the technology in England (which we’re disappointed about), but with volumes of freight being moved around the UK increasing … we don’t think this is the last we will hear of this splendid piece of kit!

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