Building a Business – Brick by Brick

Sea freight is a very affordable way to import goods and a recent article on the BBC website ( really caught our imagination at Shippo HQ.

Have you ever wondered how tall a Lego tower could get?¬† Well, engineers have calculated that in theory a tower could be comprised of 375,000 2×2 Lego bricks before their combined weight would crush the bottom brick.¬† This theoretical tower would reach 3591m.¬† That’s taller than the highest mountains in England (Scafell Pike at 978m), Scotland (Ben Nevis at 1344m) and Wales (Snowdon at 1085m) combined!

That got us thinking.  How much would it cost to import such a monster of a tower via sea freight from China?  The results were surprising.


Pallet = Magician’s Sleeve

The tower is comprised of 375,000 bricks, each totalling 9.6mm x 15.9mm x 15.9mm. ¬†This huge number of bricks would only take up 0.91cbm of space.¬† That would take up no more space than your average armchair!¬† Importing 375,000 2×2 Lego bricks by sea freight from China would therefore cost as little as ¬£250!

Sea freight is efficient and affordable and this example shows it’s amazing how much you could fit into a few boxes.¬† To start a small business you only need a bit of space in a back bedroom or a garage and you could be importing and selling small products in no time.


Reach for the Moon

Finally, if you had enough time, money and inclination then you’d only need a 20ft container and a 40ft container of Lego bricks to build a tower that would reach the moon!

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