Monsoon Floods Cause Mumbai Ports To Halt Operations

Unusually heavy monsoon in India result in floods that have caused Mumbai Ports to be forced out of operation.

Although India is well-known to have monsoons, this year’s monsoon has brought much heavier rain than expected; this trend has been seen across Southern Asia and has caused an unprecedented amount of flooding across India, Bangladesh and Nepal.

In Mumbai, there is a combination of factors at work that have exacerbated the situation; the combination of high tide and heavy rain has caused water to move into the low-lying areas of the city, causing water logging, floods and disruption.

Port operations have been halted since August 30th and are expected to be suspended until further notice.

This is because, due to the widespread flooding in the port city shutting down the servers, the online systems such as the customs electronic data interchange systems have not been working nationwide. Ports can survive without EDI for a limited time, but it will significantly delay operations as vessels’ waiting time would increase.

In addition to this, the flooding of the ports and a recent public holiday (Thursday 31st August) mean that the port has been understaffed, which has led to delays in import and export clearances.

If your shipment is affected by these delays, we will be in contact to let you know further information. If you’re concerned, feel free to contact us.

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