Newhaven’s ‘Little Port’ prepares for a big change

It’s been almost a year since news broke of plans to increase the scale and purpose of Newhaven’s port, and despite a lot of campaigning, rejections and back and forth…. The bid has finally been approved.

It is reported that today, the planning committee voted 7-2 in favor of the expansion scheme after it was rejected back in February.

The expansion scheme is not confirmed as to how far it will go, but it is planning allow larger vessels to dock at the port and create in excess of 150 jobs. Campaigners have argued against the expansion as they want to keep the only sandy beach in Newhaven alive, but those in favor have argued that the growth of the town on the whole outweighs the pleasures of having the beach present.

Town Councillor Rod Man has been quoted saying ‘The beach is one thing, but this is a new development for Newhaven. This is Newhaven’s future!’

The go ahead has been given, and to the sighs of the UK surfing community the development is going to commence in and around the area of Tide Mills beach (a popular surfing location) . Development is likely to start once the final plans are submitted.

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