Typhoon Hato Hits Hong Kong Tomorrow – Delays Expected

Typhoon Hato is expected to hit close to Hong Kong tomorrow, causing all Hong Kong terminals to halt their operations tonight. Delays may follow.

Tomorrow morning, Wednesday 23rd August 2017, Typhoon Hato is expected to hit close to Hong Kong; with it, there is expected to be strong winds and flooding in low level areas of Southern China.

As a safety measure, Hong Kong Terminals are stopping all operations at 21:00 local time tonight – this means that ships coming in and out, as well as port operations, are going to be subject to some delays. If any of our customers are affected, we will keep you up-to-date and informed.

Currently, the only delays that we’re predicting are delays from Southern China, affected ports being: Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

In terms of how long delays are expected to be, it is entirely dependent on the shipping lines. If the originally scheduled boats still stop off at the ports, customers should only be facing a couple of days in terms of delays; if the shipping lines change the routes and we’re required to wait to get goods onto the next vessel, however, the delays will be around a week.

If you’re worried about your shipment, feel free to contact us. For any of our customers who are affected by delays, we will make sure to keep you up to date and in the loop.

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