Typhoon Utor affects Hong Kong port – August 2013

Activities at the port of Hong Kong are currently being affected by Typhoon Utor.

It’s no great secret that since cranes lift containers high off of the ground, high winds can cause problems at the ports.  If importing goods from Hong Kong to the UK there may be some minor delays as the typhoon affects the port overnight and possibly throughout Wednesday (14/08/13).  No specific details are currently available but customers will be informed if their shipment will be affected by the storm.

Philippines Hit Hard

The typhoon has already caused devastation in the Philippines and has reportedly caused landslides and floods, leaving at least one person dead and thousands more homeless.  It’s the most powerful typhoon to hit the country this year.  With gusts of up to 115mph, Typhoon Utor has cut transport and communications links and is expected to move on to southeast China on Wednesday afternoon, local time.

Where next?

The route that the typhoon is set to take leads us to believe that no major ports in China will be subject to major delays as it looks to be travelling south of the main industrial hubs.  However, the winds that look set to reach 110mph over China may affect port activities if you are importing goods from Shenzhen, Zhongshan and possibly Guangzhou..

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