Will the G20 Summit in China affect Importers?

You may think that the G20 Summit only matters if you're a world leader. This year, the G20 Summit 2016 is being held in Hangzhou, close to Shanghai, China's busiest port and there could be some disruptions to the local businesses.

Will I be Affected?

If you have a Chinese supplier who ships to you from Shanghai then you should be aware that there is a chance your imports could be affected this summer.  Between June and September some factories in the area could potentially be facing part or complete closures due to an environmental initiative.   During this time the clean-air campaign is encouraging the reduction in manufacture that may lead to pollutants.

No official announcements have been made as of yet but it’s worth keeping on your radar.

What can i do?

To avoid any disruptions with your imports you may want to think about what options you have.  Your first port of call would be to discuss it with your supplier.  Could you get your order shipped before or wait until after potential disruption? If not, perhaps you could line up a different supplier in a different area of China thus decreasing the chance of the potential disruption and delays.

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