How To Sell Goods On eBay

Importing products to sell online is very popular and eBay is an easy way to start. Here's our quick guide to kicking off your eBay business.

The Basics

In order to sell goods on eBay, you’ll need to register and create a seller account.  Once you’ve created an account you’ll then need to set up payment methods you’ll accept from your buyers. The automatic payment methods you can choose from are:

  • Paypal
  • Credit or debit card
  • Bank account

Remember, you’ll also pay your eBay fees and any eBay Money Back Guarantee reimbursements by your chosen method.


Get some good pictures of your items, including close up shots too, and list them in the appropriate category with a clear and descriptive title. Don’t set your starting price too low and check the status of your listing frequently. Once you have sold a few items the whole process should become second nature to you. Once an item is sold you’ll need to contact the buyer and arrange how they will receive their item.  Remember to always verify a payment before you dispatch an item.

Useful Tips

Buy to build your profile

Buying a few items will help you build your feedback rating, which is important because most buyers won’t do business with zero feedback sellers.

Keep an eye on other sellers

Monitoring the descriptions used and the prices paid for products similar to yours can help show you which categories and descriptions are bringing in the most sales. Doing research will give you a better idea of what price to expect for your item.

Schedule your auctions to end at key times

Set your action to end on a Sunday evening and it should near the top of the search results during one of eBay’s busiest periods. Antisocial ending times will reduce the number of people entering into a last minute bidding war.

Communicate well

Use popular searchable terms in your auction title to make it easier to find, and answer buyer questions promptly and in a professional manner.

Keep postage down

Buyers will be put off by inflated postage costs so try your best to keep them low or completely free.


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