The Port Of Shanghai – Asia’s Loading Bay

Chinese made products are frequently spotted in the UK, and the massive demand for imported goods keeps growing. The Chinese economy overtook the US as the world’s largest in 2012 as a result of this. China’s massive export ability is as a result of a vast infrastructure, there are a lot of people, ships, ports and establishments involved.

One of the greatest factors allowing the growth of exports from China to Europe and beyond to continue at such pace is the Port of Shanghai and its recent addition, the Yangshan deep water port. The huge capacity of the port which is the size of 470 football pitches has allowed it to overtake The Port of Singapore as the world’s busiest, handling over 33 Million TEU’s per year!

Each year the Port of Shanghai sees 736 million tonnes of goods pass through, to be transported around the globe on vessels up to 400 metres long.  While vitally important to the agricultural trade business in the provinces of Zhejiang and Henan, the port sees goods ranging from cars to children’s toys pass through daily with over 2000 container ships arriving and departing each month.

The massive capacity, along with the ports advantageous geographical location and vast economically developed hinterlands allows for the lowest shipping costs from China to the UK.  Even though other ports across China such as Shenzhen, Ningbo, Qingdao and Guangzhou can boast large volumes of cargo, Shanghai is top of the tree. If your supplier is offering FOB Shanghai as the shipping terms, the cost to import cargo via sea freight from Shanghai to the UK may be less than importing the same shipment from Europe!

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