Family Business Bags Success by Shipping Direct from China to Amazon FBA

Surrey based family business, Rokey Group have used good planning, high quality products and Shippo's Amazon FBA delivery service to climb to the top of Amazon's listings.

Just a year after their first ever import, Rokey Group, started by brothers Rohan and Murray sit at the top of Amazon’s listings for their vacuum storage bags.  Having recently enlisted more family members to help with the growing business Rokey have set up their stall to provide a great quality product and great customer service.

…. but how have they managed to get their product so high up on Amazon’s listings in such a competitive area?

Vacuum Storage Bag

Good Planning

Once they’d found the right supplier Rohan and his brother made sure that the numbers and time frames added up before getting the ball rolling.

“We did a lot of research on the best way to get our products imported from China and despite it taking longer than air freight, sea freight was the most cost effective and best way to keep our landed costs as low as possible.”

Sea freight allows Rokey to sell their bags for substantially less than if they imported via air.  However, there is a lot more forecasting involved as the business grows. Planning ahead to ensure they don’t run out of stock is very important.

“That is where Shippo came in” explains Rohan “their website and various calculators made the whole shipping and customs processes seem a lot clearer and allowed us to get accurate figures for the shipping and customs fees.”

Shippo give simple quotes and a free UK Duty and VAT estimator which makes planning easy.


Keep Amazon Happy!

Amazon is the worlds biggest online marketplace, trusted globally and the objective was to establish a strong presence on it.  That’s exactly what Rokey have done.

In February 2017 they launched their storage bag on Amazon with the target of moving up the listings to increase their sales.  They’ve achieved this by ensuring that, in Amazon’s eyes, they are providing the best possible product and service.

Here’s what they’ve done:

  • Maintain a high level of 5 star reviews by:
    • Selling a great quality product
    • Providing great customer service
    • Quickly answering any questions posed by shoppers
  • Keeping their product in stock by understanding the speed of sales and planning imports accordingly
  • Selling their own product rather than reselling an existing product
  • Using Amazon’s FBA Service


Delivering Direct to Amazon FBA

Rokey were confident that their product would benefit from using the Amazon’s FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) service.  Shippo have helped them achieve this in bulk, direct from China:

“Shippo deliver the products directly to Amazon once they had cleared it through customs, all they need is the Amazon shipment information and they handle the rest saving us both a lot of time and money.”

Rokey have been being steadily growing for the past year, quickly moving up in the Amazon rankings.  As they continue to grow, their shipments are growing too!

“Since placing our first order we have been able to double the amount we order with each shipment, and this is due to our monthly sales volume increasing and us climbing up the page ranking within Amazon.”

To find out more about more about Rokey and their Vacuum Storage Bags, feel free to check out their product on Amazon : Vacuum Storage Bags

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