Are My Goods Protected Whilst in Transit?

Marine Insurance

Your goods aren’t routinely protected from damage or loss whilst they are in transit. However we can arrange for a Marine Insurance Policy for you which will cover your goods whilst they are on the move.

Contact us to enquire about our insurance rates for your particular shipment. The overall cost of the insurance will be dependant on the value of the goods that are being shipped rather than their size. Extremely valuable goods will cost more to insure whilst goods holding less value will of course be cheaper to insure.  Marine insurance can be taken out from around £35 and protects you and your goods from loss or damage.

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll actually need to claim against the policy but insurance can be a good way to cover yourself against events out of your control.  Goods can settle in transit (if your boxes aren’t full one could press into another), very rarely, boats can sink and although Captain Blackbeard is no longer on the prowl you may want to be sure that his distant relatives can’t leave you out of pocket. We recommend that you insure your goods, even if it just gives you peace of mind.

To find out more about the insurance rates Shippo offers, contact us by phone on 020 3384 0498, or complete a Quick Quote enquiry form. You can also use the Live Chat feature to speak to a member of our team right now.

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