Do I Need Storage Space for My Goods Once they Arrive?

Do You Need Storage Space to Import Goods to UK?

We will arrange to deliver your goods as soon as they are cleared through UK customs, so storage space shouldn’t be required once they have arrived. When your goods arrive, we’ll unpack the container into a warehouse where your shipment will be prepared for delivery.

We’re pretty sure that you’ll want to receive your goods as soon as you possibly can; ready and raring to get them in (and probably out again) so you can keep business ticking along nicely.  For that reason, we’ll generally book them to be delivered at the earliest opportunity, but sometimes that’s not always convenient.  If you’re on holiday, not quite ready to receive your goods, or have to wait for assistance to unload the delivery, we can work around it with you.  If you do need any temporary storage and have specific requirements that need to be addressed, just let us know and we’ll do our very best to help out where we can.

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If you have any other questions about the delivery process, or you have a specific temporary storage request, get in touch with Shippo by calling us on 020 3384 0498, or using our Live Chat feature. You can also send us your details by submitting a Quick Quote enquiry form.

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