Importing from Asia to the UK – Why use Shippo?

Importing from Asia to the UK – Why use Shippo?

The Shippo team understand that importing goods from China to the UK can be costly, so importers want the best service they can possibly find without breaking the bank.  We do everything we possibly can to make the process as simple as possible and ensure you receive your cargo without losing any hair! .

Here at Shippo, we don’t like to disappoint and therefore make sure we fulfil our promises. From the moment you make contact with us, we provide all the advice and assistance you need for free to make sure that you are able to get trading as soon as possible.  Once you book your shipment in with us, we will make all of the arrangements on your behalf…. We can liaise with your supplier, fill out EORI forms and help with anything you are at all unsure of!

We go the extra mile, and still offer competitive prices.  Many companies don’t offer any assistance and will simply put your goods on a boat.  When it lands they assume that you have everything in place for UK customs clearance.  If it’s your first shipment that won’t always be the case which can lead to extra costs.  We understand that the process can be daunting so ensure you are up to date and well looked after every step of the way.


Why choose Shippo for your importing services? Because we are the best freight forwarders for small and medium sized business! We support small and start-up businesses and specialise in LCL shipping which means we can import goods that are of less stock!

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So to answer your question, we can provide cheap competitively priced shipping from China, India, Taiwan or anywhere else in the world with the best customer service you will find in this industry. Why not get in contact?

If you would like some advice or assistance related to shipping goods from Asia, or would like a quote to import goods contact us on 0203 384 0498 or

importing from asia to uk

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